Specialization, polymathy & synergies in design fields

From polymathy to specialization and back.

The widely defined design field is—historically—full of individuals identified between those two extremes. Today’s education system heavily favors one extreme rather than the other (specialization), so the question raised is how one could successfully become involved with more than one design field. Through contemporary examples we will evaluate the creative process that spans over different design sectors (i.e. architecture, graphic design, industrial design, etc.), whether this spawns from a single central figure, or through synergies created by teams of individuals with varying expertise.

Panos Voulgaris

Panos Voulgaris (1983) was born in Athens. He moved to Thessaloniki to study International and European Relations at the University of Macedonia, but somehow ended up in Venice studying Architecture. He is currently the Creative director of MALVI, an awardwinning multidisciplinary studio based in Thessaloniki, Greece, which focuses on the four major aspects of Design: Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design and Communication Design.

Rob Snow
Diafas Christos
Granis Antonis
Petropouleas Tzanetos