Pilates for clients

Even the most “wow” work can stumble upon clients who do not understand it, do not want to or cannot implement it. Then, it gets buried in a drawer somewhere and it’s as if it never happened. As a creative, you must always be fit, in order to surmount communication obstacles and lead clients along the right path. Of course, this doesn’t always work. But chances are improved if you trust your experience and follow certain basic rules. Experience can’t be taught. But perhaps the rules can.

Diafas Christos

I was born 60 years ago in Thessaloniki, on a Thursday, at 12 noon – lunchtime. When I turned six, they sent me to various schools, where I was pretty bored. At eighteen, I went to study Architecture at the University of Berlin. While picking up my pre-diploma from the Secretariat, I saw an announcement that the eight-hour skill tests for admission to the School of Communications would take place on whatever date. “What do I have to lose?” I thought, and I went. Then I forgot all about it and went back to Greece for the summer. When I returned two months later, I found a letter saying that I was admitted, but I had to enroll by September 12, at 2:30pm. It was September 12, 2:10pm, so I had easily twenty whole minutes to switch disciplines. Armed with my degree in communications, I worked first in Thessaloniki and then in Athens, at various multinational advertising agencies. Thirty-one years, fourteen Ermis Advertising Awards and two bleeding ulcers later, I interrupted my career as a creative director-slash-happy slave, and since then I have not ceased wondering how I survived working all those years under such pressure and with such diverse clients.

Rob Snow
Granis Antonis
Petropouleas Tzanetos