How the words are becoming visual. How the visual becomes a story

How magical or scary can a journey be?

Walking the path of creation is truly one of the most interesting and illuminating experiences. There are great moments where you catch yourself redefining your artistic status and setting higher goals to reach. Motion Design is one of the art forms that we use when walking this path in each project.

How difficult, and at the same time challenging, can the visual representation of a client’s brief be? How do we choose which words to translate into moving images? Which are the key elements to be used in order to create our story? Does the story lead to a meaning and does the meaning serve our initial purpose? Are we able to distinguish our own artistic obsessions in our final motion story and can we really make them support our final goal?

The truth is that telling a good and effective story for a client’s service or product is one of the hardest things to handle as a professional and as an artist. What really makes the difference is overcoming our own personal demons and learning from our own mistakes during our daily creative journey. Every moment of our life is a unique story, try to unlock your personal emotions and experiences and you will no longer face difficulties in imagining.

Tony Zagoraios

Tony Zagoraios is an award winning motion designer.

He was born in 1982 and in 2004 he earned his bachelor degree in Media & Advertising at the London Metropolitan College. He is professionally active in the sector of Motion Design in Athens for the past six years. Tony’s approach, his visual mastery and creative versatility, make a very powerful combination that is always evident in all his projects. Tony keeps redefining himself creatively but there is always a very distinctive and unique resonating voice behind his work.

His projects have won awards and have been regularly featured in top industry publications and festivals around the world (Vimeo staff picks, SHOTS, IDN magazine, STASH magazine, ONEDOTZERO, PAUSE FEST).

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