Connecting the dots

The study of copyright issues related to the new domain of the internet, and the pressures on artist to be more creative.

Using the existing copyright laws, with some reflection on the digital millennium updates, a review of the current state of affairs regarding the price that creativity faces due to the plethora of questionable artworks, moralities and ethical passes placed on the digital generations use of art. Basically trying to determine; “Is it worth being good anymore?”

Rob Snow

Rob Snow, is a creative designer working in the fields of graphic design, illustration, and teaching. He works and lives in Thessaloniki, Greece, but was born in England and studied Media and Design at Degree and Masters levels. Rob loves to draw with pencil and converting the resulting images in the computer. His process has derived from a traditional training, pre-computer technology, that has trained him in pencil accuracy. His computer rendering has been a long development since PS1, and is a continuing part of his development. He has been a freelance designer for 25+ years and worked for small and large organisations alike, such as BBC, New Scientist, Ritzenhoff Glass and recently Nissos Beer. He also combines his practices of art as a University lecturer, where he teaches Creative/Lateral Thinking. Rob has developed a process in his work using lateral thinking to originate ideas, and helps educate this process in many subject areas. Rob seriously loves creativity, and can be found with a pencil in his hand before a cup of coffee.

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Granis Antonis
Petropouleas Tzanetos