Toolkit Startup is a meeting of young designers. Its purpose is to convey knowledge, skills and technical knowhow on visual communication and graphic design. It is addressed to students and recent graduates of graphic design departments in state or private schools, but it is also open to professionals in the field of visual communication, at any level of experience, who wish to broaden their knowledge.

The meeting includes a series of talks by renowned and experienced professionals from the field of applied arts, focused on technical and applied knowledge; also, there are workshops intended to provide participants with hands-on experience and training on select subjects. At the same time, Toolkit Startup organizes and also hosts exhibitions of visual communications works, both from Greek designers and from noteworthy international organizations.

Toolkit Startup is organized by Design Toolkit, a non-profit whose main goal is to organize informative, educational and promotional activities and events related to visual communication, graphic design, and the applied arts in general, in Greece and abroad. Its purpose is to create activities that permit and encourage the establishment of collaborative and interactive relationships, the exchange of knowledge and creation of knowhow, and the recognition and promotion of creative output.

It is a conscious decision by Design Toolkit that attending Toolkit Startup is free of charge for all participants.

Design Toolkit fosters the creation of an active community of graphic design and visual communication professionals – a community that will interact, exchange knowledge and experience, recognize achievements, and promote healthy professional competition. And above all, a community that will gather often, within the context of different events, in order to improve through creative interaction. More

The first event organized by Design Toolkit was Toolkit Startup, held in April 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Despite the level of competence of graphic design departments and schools in our country, young people wishing to work as professional designers often lack practical tools and knowledge – and more importantly, they lack the connection between their formal skills and the exigencies of the market. In response, we set out to create a toolkit, that would be available to young people as they start up their careers. And so Toolkit Startup was born. More(Content in Greek)